Why We Choose Balmain

  • Highest quality hair
  • Unique 6 months guarantee on all human hair extensions when using Balmain hair couture aftercare
  • Multiple application methods
  • Reusable systems
  • 5 star customer service

Balmain ensure all products from the care and styling collection are vegetarian. No animals were harmed during the process of animal-derived ingredients such as silk and cashmere. The silk moth emerges from the cocoon prior to processing the silk and cashmere wool is collected during the Spring moulting season when goats naturally shed their Winter coats.

All products are cruelty free meaning they are not tested in animals.

All care and styling products are free of Parabens.

Morals and Values

Balmain supplies 100% human hair extensions. Human hair is sourced exclusively from a long established supplier network in China. These suppliers have been collecting and providing hair to Balmain Paris Hair Couture for over 45 years.

Balmain understands and respects it’s responsibility for the future of our planet and the next generations. Paving the way to a completely sustainable future, Balmain is dedicated to improving it’s ecological footprint. From recyclable bottles to solar power driven production. Improvements in sustainability have taken place and they are actively and constantly developing it’s range to work towards a completely sustainable collection and ecologically responsible work processes.

Types of Hair

Balmain offer a variety of different hair types and application methods.

100% Human Hair

Hair pieces made of 100% human hair are manufactured using the best quality hair. It is a special blend of fine and thicker hair and the Ombre colours blend seamlessly into any natural hair. The hair is easy to straighten and curl just like normal hair.

Memory Hair

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of hair integration, Balmain hair developed expertise in the creation of artificial human hair which is similar to the human hair.

The patented Memory® Hair is created with all human hair features in mind. It feels soft and blends easily and is almost impossible to differentiate from natural human hair.

Memory® Hair has the same typical “natural shine” as human hair because it also has an irregular surface with diffused reflection.

It can be curled or straightened time after time with any styling tool up to 160℃ / 320 ℉. One benefit of Memory® Hair is that when you curl it, it will remain curly until you straighten it again. The same applies for straightening your hair.

Fibre Hair

Fibre hair extensions are a type of synthetic hair extensions that offer an affordable alternative for 100% human hair extensions that fibre is particularly suitable to create extreme bright coloured hair extensions such as pink and sky blue.

Fibre hair extensions cannot be coloured which makes colour matching very important while purchasing fibre hair extensions in contrast to memory hair fibre hair cannot be hate styled with curling irons or blow driers without damaging or melting the hair.

Application Methods

  • Keratin bonds 8-12 weeks fused to your own hair with a Keratin bond and heat.
  • Applicator tool semi permanent (warm application?)
  • Undetectable transparent bonding
  • Application and removal by a professional.
  • Soft / Micro rings / 4 – 6 weeks

This cold application is professionally fused to the clients own hair by using a smaller puller and a ring connector.

  • Tape application 4-6 weeks
  • Semi Permanent
  • Cold application
  • Ultra flat and undetectable application
  • Application and removal by a professional
  • Easy application without special tools
  • Removal until special dissolvent to remove bonds
  • Clip application
  • Daily application
  • No professional needed
  • Application in a few minutes
  • Not permanent (remove before sleeping)

Types of Hair Extensions

Fill-in extensions are reusable extensions for volume, colour or lengthening. Fill-in extensions are flexible and comfortable to wear. A mix of colours can be used to add highlights or lowlights and application can be done using Keratin bonds, soft rings or micro rings.

Doublehair ® is a professional, affordable and re-usable lengthening system, which is patented by Balmain Paris Hair Couture. Doublehair ® is especially designed to create long, voluminous and lustrous looks with 100% human hair strips with a 85mm width. Application can be easily done using Keratin bonds, soft rings or clips.

Micro Extensions

Tape Extensions

Prestige Silk Collection

Balmain Paris Hair Couture developed an exclusive line of hair additions infused with silk protein that represents true parisian luxury. The collection consists of 3 lines :-

  • Fill-in silk bond
  • Doublehair ® Silk and Silk tape.

Fill-in silk extensions are pre bonded made of silk protein infused 100% human hair. The inclusion of silk creates a natural cohesion between the silk bond and the natural hair’s structure resulting in gentle, strong, long lasting comfortable bonds.

Application – silk bonds | 8 – 12 weeks.

Silk Tape extensions are reusable pre-taped extensions made of the highest quality silk protein infused 100% human hair. The ultra flat application ensures perfect hair distribution and comfortable wearing. The 2.8cm wide tapes are easy to apply and are perfect for volume and adding colour.

Doublehair ® Silk Extensions

is a reusable wefts made of silk and infused wit h100% human hair. The 9 on wide wefts each contain 3 layers of hair which allow you to have instant volume and length, with a minimum amount of application points with your own hair. To ensure invisible integration and comfort, the wefts are fastened under a layer of extension hair.

  • Application | 4 – 6 weeks
  • Keratin bonds
  • Clips
  • Soft rings

Super Fast System Volume

Super fast system volume is an exclusive, super-fast extension system patented by Balmain hair Couture for selective salons only. The revolutionary system is five times faster than traditional bonding systems abd offers two different hair types for perfect integration.

  • Normal hair (0.05 – 0.07mm)
  • Fine hair (0.04mm)

The small oval shaped silk bonds ensure comfortable wearing and the patented technology is 80% time saving and allows super fast volume and lengthening with fill-in extensions.

Full and lasting volume in 45 minutes.