At Rhonda Leask Hair Stylist, we are committed to using more sustainable, eco-friendly products. Due to this, we often use terms related to these products that people may not understand, so we decided to give you a brief explanation of these terms.

What Does Ethical Mean?

Companies that have standards for morally right and wrong conduct. High moral standing practices that do not cause harm to its users nor the planet.

Businesses also go ethical to demonstrate their commitment to lowering their environmental impact and when enough consumers shop in an ethically conscious way, it can cause companies to take notice and address supply chain practices, it can help improve conditions for animals and workers and it can potentially boycott a company using illegal or exploitative practices which can potentially lead to change.

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Organic & Natural

Organic products made with organic ingredients must contain 70% certified organic ingredients but the remaining agricultural ingredients are not required to be organically produced.
This is a bit of a grey area as the term natural is not regulated by the FDA at all. Some natural substances (for example arsenic) are technically natural, but potentially harmful. And the product can be described as natural with as little as 1% naturally sourced ingredients. A natural product “should” consist of natural ingredients and should not contain synthetic substances.


Bio-dynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, food and nutrition similar to organic farming. Integrating scientific understanding with the recognition of spirit and nature.

A biodynamic farm is an integrated, whole, living organism made up of many independent elements i.e plants, soil, insects, animals, people, the sun and moon.

Working to nurture and harmonise these elements, biodynamics take into account the rhythms of nature, relying on the moon’s influence and alignment of planets for proper sowing and harvesting, and to obtain ingredients rich in active and nutritious elements.

Green Salon Collective

Green Salon Collective is a start-up of industry experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners on a mission towards hairdressing sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland. They recycle compost and generate clean energy through salon waste.

Organic Certified

Organic certified products contain ingredients grown without manufactured pesticides, chemicals, artificial fertilisers, genetically modified organisms, ionising radiation, sewage sludge, growth regulators and routine use of antibiotics. They must instead use natural fertilisers such as compost and manure.
They may not contain artificial synthetic colours, preservatives or chemicals, including parabens or sulphates. The USDA require that they must contain at least 95% organic ingredients.

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PPD/PTD is an organic compound used in over 99% of all permanent hair dyes as well as a variety of other sources such as black clothing and henna tattoos. PPD and PTD can cause severe allergic reactions ranging from mild to severe (such as anaphylaxis) hair dyes containing PPD or PTD are safe to use providing safety instructions are followed and a patch test should be carried out prior to colouring.